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Crashzone Community Repairer Network Map

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Friendly work provider

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Man crashes car playing Pokemon

It was only a matter of time before Pokemon Go created carnage on the roads and now the game has caused its first accident. For the full story please visit

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Crashzone – Where to find your company ID

If you are using the Crashzone App for uploading images into your quote, you will need your company ID the first time you use the application.

There is an easy way to look for your company ID by logging in your Crashzone account, go to the Settings page. Select the Company section and here is your company ID.

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Fast and really fast

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Join CCRN to win a ticket to Paint & Panel LIVE

The benefits of joining CCRN, the countries largest group of repairers just got better.  All paid up members (by the close of business Friday 1/7/16) will go into the draw for a ticket to Paint & Panel LIVE in Sydney on Friday the 5th of August.  This prize is worth $355 for the ticket and $000′s in networking and business experience for the day.

Membership to CCRN is only $250 until Friday.

Crashzone Community Repairer Network
Click here to signup to be a member.  You will be entered if you have filled out the form and emailed your payment remittance. Questions to

Don’t dismay if you miss out this week.  We are having a second draw next weekend.

Terms & Conditions:  The winner MUST be able to use the ticket themselves, no passing it on. A commitment to attend is required within 24 hours of the draw ( airline ticket). otherwise we will re-draw it the following week.

Don’t forget the benefits of CCRN membership also include:

  • Monthly training Webinars
  • Free repair methods from EZI Methods
  • Free quote assistance
  • Access to the only forum for managers to network openly on Facebook
  • A Management group that are repairers working for repairers.
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