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Crashzone scheduled maintenance 13/01/2017

Date: Tuesday, 13/01/2017
Time: 8:00PM  (AEDT)
Affected services:

The Crashzone website will be offline Friday the 13th of Janurary between 8.00pm & 11.00pm Sydney time to preform scheduled maintenance. During this time Crashzone will be inaccessible. We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns in relation to this notice please contact

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Mercedes-Benz Factory Production Line

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The Year in Review

This year (2016) we saw an increase of users past 1,000. Not bad for an 8 or so year old business in a very specialised field.

Those 1,000 plus users produced well over 200,000 quotes valued at near enough to $500,000,000 (half a billion dollars) worth of work.

The USERS have also finally organised the CRASHZONE COMMUNITY REPAIR NETWORK (CCRN), a volunteer based support network, to assist not only members but the repair network in general.

CCRN now has over 125 members, who can utilise services from lease and Equipment finance, Private Assessing Services, expertise in various fields like ORM, P-NET, NTAR ESTIMAGE along other industry services like Parts Check and AFC.

The educational Web-In-airs have been to great benefit to those attending

CCRN has held road shows in Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, along to personal visits to places like Alice Springs, Cairns, Wagga, Broken Hill, and Newcastle. just to name a few.

CCRN has attended on the member’s behalf several industry events in Sydney and Melbourne and met with Insurance leaders, promoting our brand

CCRN has conducted demonstrations of Crashzone to Car-Craft, AMBRA and other Industry groups along the way.
CCRN has created a social media platform exclusively for the CCRN members and continual daily input has provided some much needed assistance for the members.

Both Crashzone and CCRN look forward to providing a sustainable service into the 2017 year and beyond.

This service would not be achievable without the volunteer hours of people like Sam Burt (Vice Chairman), Ian Fairlie (Vice Chair), Winston O’Keefe (Treasurer) Adam Martin (Chairman) Tammy Murphy, (research) and the many people that contribute throughout the year to make the system work like Jeffrey Hill (IT)
Some big thanks must go to our sponsors, like Walter Rapport from AFC, Ben Cardy from EZI-Methods, Hilly, (for his estimate advise) and others that have contributed in some small way.

And yeah, I do a bit as well (you can recommend me for a Knight Hood any time  )

The key event for the 2017 Calendar will be the BREAKFAST at the EXPO in Melbourne. Keep the dates clear and book early. There will only be 100 tickets available for free to members. In the unlikely event, some are left over, they will be for sale for $50 before the event. There will be NO tickets available on the day. MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW.

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CCRN – PERTH ROAD TRIP Week of 14th -18th Nov

Monday 14th Day, I have time to see CCRN members. just ping me if you’d like a visit.
Monday Evening : Crashzone Road Show for all users and NON-USERS alike at the Bayswater Hotel from 5pm till 7pm or whenever.
Tuesday 15th Day: I have time to see CCRN members. just ping me if you’d like a visit.
Tuesday Evening: EZI-Methods Road Show for all users and Interested partyies at the Bayswater Hotel from 5pm till 7pm or whenever.
Wednesday 16th Day: I have time to see CCRN members. just ping me if you’d like a visit.
Wednesday Evening: MN Spray Wall Demo: Limited number of spots available, so RSVP by 10th Nov. At the Bayswater Hotel from 5pm till 7pm or whenever.
Thursday 17th Day: I have time to see CCRN members. just ping me if you’d like a visit.
Thursday Evening : Spray Painters Australia ( SPA) meet for a few drinks at the Bayswater Hotel from 4pm till whenever.
Friday Day 18th : I have time to see CCRN members. just ping me if you’d like a visit.

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Every Bay is a spray booth

Paint, Prime or Sand Anywhere in your shop

The Drover is a fully mobile side draft spray arch that turns your whole shop into a spray area.
Its limitations are your imagination and with a price tag of $14990 (plus GST) or $83 per week financed* its the cheapest spray extraction unit in the market.
To ensure your peace of mind its made 100% here in Australia and conforms to standards.

$500 Discount to Crashzone users. Limited time offer

Call or Email today for your order or to discuss payment options contact Russ 0414 787 735

Finance available upon request

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