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robotaxis by 2021

The partnerships are part of the “arms race” to develop a common automotive driving platform to rival disruptive incursions into the traditional vehicle business by the likes of Google and Apple as all parties try to engineer a platform for mobile-hailing autonomous ...

   August 17th, 2017

NTAR update 31/07/2017

.   Quick note to Crashzone users, NTAR times and consumables + latest schedules have been updated as of 31/07/2017. If anyone needs help with NTAR or has any issues please contact

   August 2nd, 2017

Date In: & Date Out: added to tax invoice

Crashzone has added the Date In: & Date Out: as default to the tax invoice now. This is from requests of Crashzone customers to comply with some insurance companies.

   July 31st, 2017

Ferrari destroyed one hour after purchase

It would be safe to assume the owner of the jet black Ferrari 430 Scuderia that crashed and burst into fireball just one hour after being purchased would be a little upset. For the full story please visit

   July 28th, 2017

Crashzone photo app for Apple

The application allows  you to take photos with you iPhone and instantly upload them to your Crashzone quote. * Download the application from the App store * To setup enter you company ID number in the settings page * Take photos with the App and ...

   July 24th, 2017

Important notice

Update: 03/7/17 1:00pm  ORM is back online and should be working as normal. If you are still having issues with ORM please go into your web browser and delete your cookies and cache so your computer updates to the latest changes. Please contact for any help.   Crashzone customers, We are having some ...

   July 3rd, 2017

Important Notice – Crashzone Update

Date: Friday 30/06/2017 20:30 AEST Affected services:  Friday night from 8.30pm onwards we will be taking Crashzone offline for a few hours to preform necessary software and hardware updates. During this time Crashzone will not be accessible, all services should return to normal by late Friday night. Any questions or concerns please contact ...

   June 28th, 2017

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