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CCRN Roadshow – Newcastle 25/05/2016

When: 25/05/2016 4:00pm ( closed door meeting)  6:30pm welcome to all

4:00pm to 6:00pm closed door discussion.
Agenda: Work proposal for a progressive insurance company.

6:30pm open to Crashzone users and non Crashzone users
Agenda: General overview, time APP, Camera APP, EZI-METHODS.

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Crashzone – It’s Free

Crashzone is a web based quoting system for Smash Repairers accessed by secure login using a user name and password ( the same as internet banking )
Being web based allows you to access Crashzone from any computer, laptop, note book or mobile device that has internet access. This allows you to use the latest technology such as the Apple iPad and iPhone.

Fast and simple to use, writes quotes, add images, create tax and excess invoices, email and print your quote. Crashzone is accepted by all insurance companies.

Crashzone is 100% FREE we don’t charge you anything and there are no catches. There are no support fees or extra modules to buy, everything is included such as integration with ORM, PNET, ARNIE & Estimage.

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Crashzone App for iPhone

The application allows  you to take photos with you iPhone and instantly upload them to your Crashzone quote.

* Download the application from the App store
* Compatible with iPhone 4 or 4s
* To setup enter you company ID number in the setting
* Take photos with the App

** Company ID can be found in your settings page in Crashzone.

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Dash cam Kangaroo attacks car

The drivers response made me laugh :)

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Crashzone Webinar 1.1 – Fri 6th May 1:30pm EST

Dont call it a comeback  - Webinar

Fri May 6th 1:30pm EST. – 20 mins

Our first Webinar was a techno flop. So we are back with the ability to handle everyone and we are excited that you can be part of it. Crashzone is this cool online quote system that our business’ rely on each day and we want you to get the most from it.
Webinars are a free online seminar that you can view on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

How to get involved

The Webinar will be hosted by

Click here to get your ticket. All you need is your name and email address.

See you Friday

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Crashzone Community Repairer Network Map

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