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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Crashzone website. Crashzone was the first web based ( cloud ) quoting system for smash repairers in Australia. Crashzone has been operating since 2007 and is an Australian based and owned company. Our goal is to provide repairers with the latest technology that is easy and reliable to use without needing any specific hardware while allowing you to do E-commerce B2B with insurance companies and other 3rd party products. Crashzone has over 1000 users in Australia and New Zealand and combined our users are generating 250,000 + quotes with a value in excess of $500,000,000 (half a billion dollars) annually.
Create an account today at no cost and login using a username and password ( like internet banking ) Being cloud based allows you to access Crashzone from any computer, laptop, notebook or mobile device that has internet access. This allows you to use technology such as the Apple iPad, iPhone and Android devices . Fast and simple to use, writes quotes, add images, create tax and excess invoices, email and print your quote. Crashzone is accepted by all insurance companies.


Crashzone is compatible with all major Insurance companies (E-commerce) along with access to realistic times and 3rd party systems for BMS and parts management.
Insurance integration for sending and receiving quotes, supps and invoices:

  • Audanet/AudaBridge

    Audanet & AudaBridge ( Audatex a Solera company ) is a third party B2B software used by a number of Insurance companies in Australia including Suncorp, Allianz, QBE & Youi
    Upload your quote and images to AudaBridge, create and upload supp quotes, have your quote adjusted received back into Crashzone, submit your tax invoice.

  • AutoIntegrity

    AutoIntegrity is a third party software used by a number of Insurance companies such as The Hollard Insurance company and Progressive Direct to allow B2B communication
    Receive request for quote via web portal, submit and receive quotes, supps and invoices via email

  • Arnie

    Arnie is a 3rd party B2B software used by insurance companies such as RAC & RACQ Insurance
    Submit quote and invoice by ARNIE button in Crashzone

  • Estimage

    3rd party B2B software used by insurance companies
    Export your quote and invoice from Crashzone to the Estimage system

  • ORM

    IAG’s in house software for B2B communication.
    Receive request for quote, send quotes to AIG, have your quote adjusted and received back into Crashzone, send supp quotes, submit your tax invoice

  • PNET

    Suncorp’s in house software for B2B communication
    Receive request for quote, send quotes to Suncorp, have your quote adjusted and received back into Crashzone, send supp quotes, submit your tax invoice

Real Times & Rates integrated:

  • NTAR

    New Times and Rates - As of the 1st of January 2019 is the only methodology that should be used for all IAG quotations. NTAR was built by IAG ( insurance Australia Group Limited )

  • LTAR

    Luxury Times and Rates - IAG’s times for luxury vehicles not covered under NTAR times schedules

  • EMTA

    Realistic times guide published by the NSW MTA

Parts supply & management

PartsCheck simplifies your parts sourcing process by connecting you to your suppliers and automatically updates part numbers and prices back into Crashzone.

Cloud based with Integration for Crashzone, WebTrim is a leading BodyShop management system

Highly effective planning & management software designed to improve workflow and increase job profitability.


  • On the top right of the page click the SIGN UP button, a sign up form will be appear:



  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your name ( this help us know who to speak to if you need support )
  • Enter your password ( don’t make it to easy )
  • Repeat the password for confirmation
  • Click on sign up
  • You will now be taken into a new live system

If you receive an error when trying to sign up a new account
“user name not available”
This indicates that the account already exists within Crashzone, either trying logging into Crashzone or contact Crashzone support

Once you sign up you will be taken to the main page of your new system

  • Your newly created Crashzone system is live and ready to use
  • By default we add 1 demo job for example ( Kate Jones )
  • Please use the demo job to familiarise yourself with the Crashzone system


  • Write quotes in ( FTFM, your own custom choice list, NTAR, LTAR or EMTA )
  • Add unlimited images
  • Create tax and excess invoices
  • Send and receive you quotes, supps and invoice via insurance integration
  • Email or print your quotes
  • Built in SMS functionality
  • Simple job life cycle management
  • Backup and export your own data at anytime
  • Unlimited access points and no special hardware or software to download

Crashzone Apps

Crashzone Photo App:

  • A simple and seamless App for taking photos from your iPhone or Android device in real time

Crashzone Time App:

  • Crashzone Time App allows you time repairs, view the job sheet and take additional photos of the vehicle. The time app can be used from a central point or each staff member can use his phone to clock on and off his jobs

Crashzone Tracking:

  • A bodyshop management tool giving you the ability to track the vehicles and cost. CZ tracking also can track multiple shops for customers with more than one location

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is Crashzone owned by an insurance company?

A. Crashzone is not owned or affiliated to any insurance company we are 100% privately owned propriety limited company

Q. Does Crashzone sell my customer data?

A. Your privacy is of the up most importance, personal information and customer details are not for sale your information is secure on Crashzone

Q. Can I download Crashzone on to my computer?

A. Crashzone is web based; you don’t need to download any software. To use Crashzone go to and login using your email address and password

Q. Can I backup my quotes with Crashzone?

A. YES you can backup quotes as often as you like from the Crashzone settings page. The Backup data is produced in PDF and JPG format so you can use it on any computer no need for special software